Let’s take a look

We start with a conversation, you tell me about what’s going on for you. I will listen, not like your mama, not like your grandmama, not your friend. I will just listen. You are safe to find yourself, to uncover your deeper senses of who you are.

My tools are my helpers to put the unnameable into words. Together we are guided towards insights and answers.

The Tarot

The Tarot reveals key images and tells the story of your life trends, struggles, and potential direction.


Astrology points to alignments in the cosmos that influence your thoughts and feelings, strengths and struggles.

Essential Oils

The essential oils provide comfort, retreat, and clarity for your transformation, self-alignment, and accomplishments.

I hold the space, you just have to enter it with me.

Gilda Sall embodies an intuitive presence. Her passion for helping people find their way through life has inspired this offering. She works from 30 years of study and practice with Reiki, Buddhism, Christianity, teachings of Ekhart Tole, and ancient astrology, to name a few.
Her simple approach of starting a conversation and holding space for the process that unfolds has allowed her to seamlessly interweave her tools and unique skill.

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